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Marion County

Together we assess, implement, monitor, and evaluate plans to help each individual and family reach the goal of self-reliance. Mid-KS CAP’s work is characterized by advocacy, communication, and resource management that promotes personal accountability. Case management services in the Higher Achievement Together (HAT) program such as basic needs, employment, and budgeting are designed to address services for individuals and families to remove obstacles and solve problems that block the achievement of goals.


Together we offer  Housing and Beyond options specifically for individuals and families who are currently homeless. This is a  Housing  First homeless assistance approach that prioritizes providing permanent housing to people experiencing homelessness, thus ending their homelessness and serving as  a  platform  from  which   they  can   pursue  personal  goals  and   improve  their quality of  life.

1st Step to Help


Higher Achievement Together

• Job readiness training

• Rent & utility assistance

• Transportation

• Food & nutrition supplements

• Financial counseling

• Spending plans and budgeting

• Educational assistance

• Case Management

H & B

Housing and Beyond

Homeless Services

• Case management

• Goal development

• Housing stabilization

• Rent and utility assistance

• Tenant rights and responsibility education

• Landlord rights and responsibility education

Marion County Resources

Contact Information:

(620) 947-4041


Services for families who have children with developmental delays

Contact Information:

(620) 241-9590


Help families who have children with developmental delays

Contact Information:

(620) 947-3200


Services from individual therapy to medication assessment and management

Contact Information:

(316) 283-3015


Child care assistance, child support enforcement, food assistance, health services

Contact Information:

(620) 382-2325


Nutrition education, youth development, family financial planning, family life

Contact Information:

(620) 382-2550


Home health, child care licensing, immunizations, KanBe-Healthy, Women, Infants & Children (W.I.C.)

Contact Information:

(620) 382-2442


Books, classes, community information, internet access, Children and adult programs

Contact Information:

Call 2-1-1


Food pantries, counseling, mentoring, after-school programs, disability services and much more