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“Because it is right, because it is wise, and because, for the first time in our history, it is possible to conquer poverty.” President Lyndon B. Johnson, March 16, 1964

The Economic Opportunity Act was signed into legislation in 1964. It was known as President Johnson’s “War on Poverty.” 

In 1967, Butler, Harvey and Greenwood County Community Action Programs incorporated to become the Mid-Kansas CAP, Inc.

Starting in 1996 expansion efforts began that have resulted to what is now a nineteen county service area.
The Community Service Department
has grown from three (3) to nineteen (19) counties.

In 1996 the agency also became a Community Housing Development Organization. Sixteen (16) housing units have been built in Greenwood,

Butler, Chase and Cowley County. Another house in Cowley County was donated to the Agency by Cowley Community College.