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Community Services 

Mid-Kansas Community Action provides a variety of community services that are designed to deliver practical, specific assistance to the people who need it most. 

  • Sometimes they are people who just need a new set of marketable skills to find the job that will make them self-sufficient. Mid-Kansas CAP is there, too, with job training programs and help with job searches.
  • Sometimes what is needed is basic help with basic needs like finances, transportation, and keeping the heat on in the dead of winter.

All of our programs and services are judged for their efficacy as they relate to our agency Strategic Plan.

Regardless of the situation, Mid-Kansas CAP wants to help people in our communities succeed in life so that they can reach self-sufficiency. We do this through a strengths-based Case Management process. ALL of us have strengths. Our goal is to help our customers work within their strengths to improve their lives.

Case management is a collaborative process with the customer that assesses, plans, implements, coordinates, monitors, and evaluates the options and services required to meet the goalof self-sufficiency. It is characterized by advocacy, communication, and resource management and promotes personal accountability.

Does it work? Absolutely. Mid-Kansas CAP serves hundreds of people each year who take the resources we give them and use them to overcome even the most difficult circumstances.

Through the Case Management Process, we work on things that are important to you and your success. The helpful Case Managers of Mid-KS CAP can help you with: Job Training, Tax Preparation, Rent & Utility Assistance, Transportation, Food & Nutrition Supplements, Financial Counseling & Income Development, Stress Management, and Parenting Skills.

To begin your journey to a new, more self-sufficient life, start by clicking the Apply Now button.

At Mid-Kansas CAP, we understand that for many people, Tax Season means STRESS Season. That is why we are proud to partner with your local United Way to help provide the supportive service that is Free Tax Preparation. By taking advantage of this community service, you’ll be saving money on traditionally costly services. For your Free Tax Preparation, call 211 to schedule an appointment today!



Higher Achievement Together

Community Action IS a Family. Which means yours is important to us.

For families ready to move to into a life of security and stability, we offer custom case management to help families learn as a unit to budget income, maintain a home, and embrace education.

Mid-KS CAP embraces and utilizes the framework of the Higher Achievement Together project. This is a “strengths-based” form of case management that begins with a household and personal assessment. During this process you’ll identify current and potential barriers to self-reliance, and current and future opportunities for success. In working with Community Action staff on a monthly basis, you’ll develop goals to overcome almost any challenge, and each goal will be paired with the appropriate resources. These resources may include:

  • Pre-employment skills training
  • Job search guidance and assistance
  • Budgeting classes, spending plans, and credit repair
  • High school or post-secondary educational assistance
  • Rent and/or utility assistance (Please note that customers are expected to contribute their own financial assets to monthly expenses even as employment or stable income is secured.)

Community Action staff provides quality data and guidance, so you’ll be able to make informed decisions and understand repercussions, both positive and negative, along the path to self-sufficiency and self-reliance. While each journey along that path is different, the Higher Achievement Together project can take up to two years for some. 

Are you ready to change your life? Contact us today.