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Our Core Values Include

Hope: We inspire belief in a better future and encourage others through positive role modeling and support.
Empowerment: We help people achieve their dreams


Community in Action 

Our Community Partners

Kansas Association of Community
Action Programs

National Community Action Partnership

Kansas Statewide Homeless Coalition

Alliance for a Healthy KS United Way of El Dorado

Kansas Housing and Resources Corporation

Harvey County

Butler County Anti-Poverty Initiative

Poverty can have a negative health consequence. Research from the American Academy of Pediatrics shows that childhood poverty leads to adult poor health through epigenetics and the cycle of chronic disease. Of course, poverty and health problems have long been locked in a vicious tug of war because of the costs of being sick can decimate the finances of someone trying to get well. However, scientists now recognized that poverty itself can aggravate health problems.
Poverty can make a community unwell too. In the Mid-KS CAP Service Area, 30% of the population is in poverty, or at risk of it. 26% of families here have low food access, while 45% of our region’s children are eligible for Free or Reduced Cost lunches at school. And while a technically a “small” number, it’s still shocking that almost 6% of our local population lack complete kitchen facilities.
Mid Kansas Community Action Program Inc. is dedicated to improving the overall wellness of our clients and our communities. We are looking to develop partnerships that can be resources for customers, creating new collaborative opportunities to move individuals and families out of poverty.