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Anti-Proverty Initiatives
Serving people living in poverty, with an emphasis on people who are generationally poor, meaning poverty is a way of life going back several generations.

Anti-Poverty Initiatives


  • Harvey Co. Resource Council
  • THRIVE! Butler

Harvey Co. Resource Council

Find info for multiple resources with the Harvey County Resource Directory.

Harvey County Farmer’s Market where SNAP recipients can get double the money to buy at the market. Saturdays 8AM-Noon, Tuesdays, 3:00-5:30PM, 121 E. 6th St, Newton.


The need for a comprehensive anti-poverty initiative for Butler County is great. There are very few organizations devoted to equipping people to better their economic situations, and those that do exist depend heavily on staff and are limited by the staff person’s capacity and case load. Throughout Butler County:

  • 18,293 (27.8%) people live on less than $35,000 per year
  • 5,462 households live on less than $14,999 per year
  • Of all children enrolled in El Dorado Public Schools, 57% qualify for free and reduced lunch counts, with some elementary schools reporting numbers in excess of 75% (Kansas Department of Education)

Thrive! Butler will serve people living in poverty, with an emphasis on people who are generationally poor, meaning poverty is a way of life going back several generations. Generational poverty forces people to live in survival mode. The impact of that lifestyle stunts future thinking and the ability to plan for the long term. In short, people who have been raised in poverty have no idea how to not be poor anymore, but like anyone, they feel the desperate, human need to connect.

Thrive! Butler utilized the services available through the Aha! Process, based on Ruby Payne’s work, to develop a 16-week course called Getting Ahead.

Getting Ahead is a collaborative effort of 12 individuals, currently living in poverty, ready to learn new tools to change their lives. Every participant is considered a subject matter expert in poverty, and as such are paid for their time. Over the 16 weeks, Getting Ahead programming:

  • Helps people reflect on their life and the role they have played in maintaining their own poverty
  • Educates people on how the various social classes have different perspectives and ways of approaching the world
  • Encourages people to identify career and educational goals, spiritual and emotional goals, relationship goals, and physical health and wellness goals.

At the end of the 16-week course, a graduation party is held, and our participants become Team Leaders. Team Leaders are matched with people who have been trained in understanding class differences called Team Allies, as they have committed to coming alongside the Team Leaders to leverage their social networks for the Team Leader’s gain.

Thrive! Butler increases opportunities for everyone in the community. Employers in Butler County will benefit by having an expanded workforce and tax revenues will go up as people earn higher incomes. But at its heart, Thrive! Butler can change your life. For more information, or to get started on a life changing journey, contact Thrive! Butler at