REALL Simulations
REALL Simulations


What is a REALL Simulation?


The Reality Enrichment and Life Lessons (REALL) project is a simulation designed to challenge youth to think critically about how choices and decisions made in adolescence may have consequences in adulthood. Participating teenagers are given the life of someone who has made reactive, or negative choices. For example, they may shadow the experience of having dropped out of high school, breaking the law, working a low paying job, etc. Following this, they are given the life of someone who has made proactive, or positive choices, like obtaining higher education, volunteering, finding affordable child care, etc. Youth are challenged to live those two lives and compare and contrast the experiences to draw conclusions for their own lives.


The Reality Enrichment and Life Lessons project was developed from the 2009 Ozarks Area Community Action Corporation Needs Assessment, showing issues of poverty may be addressed in the youth population by providing youth with development of life management skills, programs for self-improvement, and increased services for youth to prepare them for life after school. By reviewing various research outlets, it was determined youth would benefit from a project that would challenge their thoughts about decision making.  


Who should host a REALL Simulation?


Mid-KS CAP serves people from all walks of life, and we want to help our teenage community avoid the need for our assistance in the future. That’s why we partnered with OACAC in Southwest Missouri to present the REALL project! REALL simulations are for students in 7th through 12th grades. It’s an active, hands-on experience that challenges teens to think critically about their lives through the lens of both of a reactive, and a proactive life.


As you consider this program for your group, you should ask if your audience is mature enough to understand potentially problematic choices such as substance abuse, school failure, delinquency, or early, unprotected sexual activity. 


What do you Need for a Simulation?


Coordinating a simulation is a day-long endeavor. Any host group needs access to a large space (roughly the size of a basketball court), 100 chairs, and 15 tables. You'll also need to recruit a minimum of 17 volunteers and 15 participants.


Want to get REALL with your community?


We truly believe that the experience of a Reality Enrichment and Life Lessons simulation has long term impact on its participants. Their desire to make proactive choices in their own lives now increases, resulting in reliable self-sufficiency in adulthood.


Are you interested in making a difference? The REALL simulation is designed to work in the many environments where teen populations gather together for hours of building, growing, and learning. Mid-KS CAP offers facilitations of these activities for organizations who would like to add the REALL simulation to their selection of programs. Call us today at 316-775-3000 to get started.