CASH Program

Does owning your own home, continuing your education or starting your own business seem like an impossible dream? It’s NOT!

The key is saving, and we are here to help you fulfill your dreamsThe CA$H Program is designed to improve your economic situation and instill within you a long-term savings behavior. Let us help you prepare for your brighter future.

All participants must commit to three parts of the CA$H program: Attend six hours of financial education; Complete four life-skills workshops; and Save for a minimum of six months with a minimum deposit of $20.00 per month. After you complete these three commitments you qualify for a 2:1 savings match to go towards the purchase of one the high-return investments listed below.


Amount Saved

Amount Matched

Total Savings

First Time Homeownership*




Homeowner Occupied Housing Repair




College Tuition




Specialized Skills Training




Small Business Capitalization




*There is a maximum match amount for each investment that will vary depending on your marital status.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. How do I receive the 2:1 match?

A. In order to receive a 2:1 match, participants must complete the 3 components of the CA$H program: First, 6 hours of financial education; Second, 4 life skills workshops; and Third, save for a minimum of 6 months. Upon your completion of the program, you'll be taught how to present an invoice to the program coordinator requesting a 2:1 match for your specific investment. The CA$H Program Coordinator at Mid-KS CAP will then make a withdrawal from your Individual Development Account for 1/3 invoice total amount and will issue a money order to your vendor. Interfaith Housing Services will then issue a check to the vendor for the remaining balance.

Q. Can I receive the 2:1 for myself?

A. No. CA$H participants cannot receive savings or matching funds issued to themselves. These funds can only be directed to pre-selected investment vendors. 

Q. Is the CA$H Program available where I live?

A.  The program is available in every county Mid-KS CAP serves, and all required classes will be held/coordinated in your community. 

Q. Will I have anyone to help me?

A. The Mid-KS CAP CA$H Coordinators will meet with you one on one to help achieve your goals. From the application process to the final invoice, they'll provide financial counseling and guidance every step of the way. 

Q. How do I know if I'm eligible for the CA$H Program?

A. If you are a legal Kansas resident and know you can put aside $20 a month, you're off to a good start. There is a personal asset cap, (this excludes your home and/or a motor vehicle,) of $10,000. This, and other guidelines, are details that a Mid-KS CAP CA$H coordinator would be happy to review with you. 

Q. What happens if I decide to withdraw from the program?

A. We do understand that situations arise that making it difficult to continue in the program. If you are unable to continue participating in the program, you receive all the funds deposited into your account back. That is always your money.

Q. What if I miss making a deposit?

A. If you miss deposits, we work with you to help you get caught up on your monthly commitment. We ask that all participants prior to missing a deposit contact us. We prefer to hear from you that you are not able to make a deposit rather than viewing it on your monthly statement. Our ultimate goal is to see you succeed; however, if you miss three deposits in one calendar year you participation in the program will cease.

Q. What if there is an emergency and I need to withdraw funds from my account?

A. While emergency withdrawals are discouraged we have procedures in place for making a withdrawal if that becomes necessary. All emergency withdrawals are subject to evaluation by the program coordinator. Emergency withdrawals are available only to cover housing needs or medical expenses.

Q. How do I get started? 

A. Call 316-775-3000 today!